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Featured game art for Rise of Tyrants and Clash of Clans.

Rise Of Tyrants

For this painting, I combined un-textured 3d assets from the CG department (Psyop) with Digital Painting to create this explosive loading page for Rise Of Tyrants game. I provide two different looks a close-up and a wide.





Clash Of Clans


Recently I had the pleasure of working with Psyop Studios to produce print ads for the video game app, “Clash of Clans”.

The end result brought 3d models and 2d digital painting into the same world to produce huge prints that are scheduled to be displayed on buildings and buses around the world.



Barbarian Brothers and Their Path of Destruction.



Summary of my work:

After being handed the cg render layout from Psyop’s 3d team I was tasked with bringing the images to life and stylize each one with photoshop.

This was done by working closely with the client to come up with one style that would work across all the paintings.

By enhancing lighting, color, texture, and adding in visual effects like fire balls sparks, purple gew matte paintings and endless amounts of little details I ended up with a great result.




The Barbarian King Losing a Heated Battle with Lava Pup



Because of the 12k + size I had to break each painting into quarters and then blend them back together seamlessly after the detail had been added.

The files had to be delivered with many layers since the client requested the ability to adjust things like shadows and character position after receiving the final renders. this meant at-least doubling the file size ad was another hurdle to overcome.

All in all I learned a lot on this project and thank Psyop for an awesome opportunity to work on one of the worlds best game apps.

Check out the below movies for an up close look at the paintings:





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