Matte Painting & Concept (Feature Films)



Although I love fast visual story telling with illustrations and concept art, matte painting has always been one of my strongest most enjoyable professional skill sets.


Shot Break Down

Shot 1 – Matte painting and compositing

Shot 2 – Matte painting and compositing

Shot 3 – Matte painting

Shot 4 -Matte Painting

Shot 5 – Matte painting and Compositing

Shot 6 – Matte painting and compositing

Shot 7 – Matte painting, compositing, Concept Design, 3d modeling

Shot 8 – Matte painting

Shot 9 – Matte painting

Shot 10 – 2d/3d Matte painting, 3d modeling

Shot 11 – 2d/3d Matte painting, 3d modeling

Shot 12 – 2d Matte painting, compositing

Shot 13 – 2d/3d Matte painting, 3d modeling

Shot 14 – 2d/3d Matte painting, 3d modeling

Shot 15 – 2d/3d Matte painting, 3d modeling

Shot 16 – Stereo Compositing

Shot 17 – Stereo Compositing

Shot 18 – Stereo Compositing

Shot 19 – Stereo Compositing

Shot 20 – Stereo Compositing

Shot 21 – Stereo Compositing

Shot 22 _ Stereo Compositing

Shot 23 _ Stereo Compositing

Shot 24 _ Stereo Compositing

Shot 25 _ Stereo Compositing

Shot 26 _ Stereo Compositing

Shot 27 _ Stereo Compositing

Shot 28 _ Stereo Compositing

Shot 29 _ Stereo Compositing

Shot 30 _ Stereo Compositing
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The Legend of Hercules

Working with the foreground horsemen against a green screen, I recreated the environment including sky, mountains and desert using Photoshop






The Expendables

Starting with a cg render of the tracks,  I created a matte painting of the background mountains, and everything up to the foreground using Photoshop. I also used Maya to create this Prison and set the stage for a train that collides with the wall.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.57.46 PM

Final composite.



The Interview

Starting with a green screen I used Maya to create a hyper-real backdrop for the inside of the North Korean compound.



Maya render using V-ray


Final Composite.



Do to the amount of movement in this shot, I decided to take a 3d approach. Using Maya w/ V-ray I extended the elevator shaft above Marky’s head.





Maya render.

Final Composite.


Cricket Smart Phones

Although this shot looks pretty simple. That fact that it was a 16K matte painting meant I needed to get in close, real close. on top of that it needed to be delivered with a bunch of layers including several for the city, the trees, cloud’s and the sky. I’m happy with the result, well worth effort 🙂


Close up.

Sin City (Concepts)


The Bedroom

This was a tricky one, as not only was I trying to find the concept for the characterss but also the room. Getting the female character right was a challenge becasue it had to work in motion as well as fit the comic style.

The Compound

Starting with a green screen, I needed to design a Compound located in southern California. Combining the Sin city comic style with the realistic environment was always a challenge to find the right balance.


The Alley

In this concept, I was asked to find the Comic style within the characters to help the Comp team with lighting the final.




The Bar

After a few takes using Maya and Photoshop to increase detail and play with the constantly evolving style I finally landed on one that got approved, with the help of some atmosphere and ladies 🙂

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Approved Concept.







Feature Film Experience:

Best Of Me
(Matte Painting/Concept Design)

The Interview
(Matte Painting/Concept Design)

The Expendables 3
(Matte Painting)

Transformers Age of Extinction
(Matte Painting)

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For:
(Matte Painting/Concept Design)

The Legend of Hercules
(Matte Painting)

Transformers Age of Extinction
(Stereo Supervisor / Assistant VFX Supervisor)

Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith
(Stereo supervisor)

Star Wars: Episode 2 -Attack of the Clones
(Stereo supervisor )

Men In Black 3:
(Lead Compositor)

Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace
(Lead Compositor)

(Lead Compositor)

 Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon
(Lead Compositor )

Green Lantern
(Lead Compositor)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Dawn Treader

My Soul To Take

Cats and Dogs

Clash Of The Titans

Alice in Wonderland

MacGillivary Freeman’s Arabia 3D


Television Experience:

Cricket Smart Phones

(Concept and Matte Painting)

Clash of Clans

(Concept/ Matte Painting/ Advertisment )









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