Character Concept Designs

A series of different styles for character design.

 Female Character Concept 


Medieval Warrior Creature Design


Imaginary Friends



Character Studies

Hand sketched then digitally painted in Photoshop. 





A more realistic look at our old furry friend Tony the Tiger.

To re-design this special iconic American favorite I combined and manipulated real images of tigers and used digital painting techniques.


The Real Tony The Tiger



Native Warriors

Shocking to think these guys ever lost a battle. 



Painted creature design.


Roman Soldier

Digital painting Photoshop.

Life of a Lilly

A few keystones from a storyboard I did at Psyop for Toyota. The commercial highlights the benefits of a Hydroelectric car for a life of a Lilly in a lonely parking lot.  After my hand sketches were approved I took them into Photoshop for the Final tonal renders.

1.) Birth: A Lilly bud sprouts and sees the world for the first time.


2.) Death: A normal gas powered car pulls up and the exhaust almost kills the flower.


3.) Rebirth: after a visit from the Toyota hydroelectric car the Lilly is better than ever.








The Birthday Quest Characters


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