Vehicle Concepts

Below are a few of my favorite designs from past projects.



Vehicle concept from start to finish. Generally, when designing, I like to start out with a sketch, then go into tonal passes, then start adding textures and finally add lighting.

Sometimes, when time allows, I will create a CG model first and then paint over top.




Fantasy Vehicle Concept

A more fantastical look at vehicle design. This was created when I taught my Fantasy Vehicle class for Envato. Could definitely take the fine details further but I think it shows off a fun style.




Hover Craft Speeder

Designed for speed and this sci-fi vehicle can commonly be found on the streets of the future.


Warp Speeder

designed for intergalactic travel this speeder is built with an organic biomaterial that allows it to travel faster than any ship in the galaxy.



Snow Prowler

Designed for winter conditions this sci-fi vehicle can quickly move across frozen terrains at lighting speed. This design is begging for a character. coming soon 🙂



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